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New Music!

New music! This one is for an upcoming release of an indie film. Feedback welcome. Enjoy.

Solitude - Greg Downs

Great show last night gents! Good times very good times..

Komplete 7 ElementsMy beautiful wife got me Komplete 7 Elements and Mutations 2 for my B-Day! Completely changed my tonal pallet! I am blown away at all the tone you get in such a small package.. Recommended buy for sure.. and I don’t do that often. Stay tuned for some tracks where you can hear the sounds coming to the music page… Ideas busting out of my cranium..

I have a new show coming up! Nov 17th at Velour. I don’t play often so come out and have some fun! Check the show schedule for details.. Also I am playing more and more with Naarah Black as her guitar player.. Check out her site for shows and such.. Lotta fun!
Thanks for the support!