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Check out: Madi Diaz, The Civil Wars, Pat Sansone, St. Vincent, Fall On Your Sword. Just to name a few great sets! After a long 10 days, many fantastic performances and NO SLEEP Sundance has come to a close. Very productive on many levels. Things are really starting to pop on the composing front. Just landed a new short as well. More details as I know. Thanks Gents!


Look out Canada here I come! Cruising your television sets in style baby! Keep your ears peeled. More info soon.

Having a blast at Sundance! Today was the last day of ASCAP’s Music Cafe. Lots of cool things going on. May have just broke into Canada! The Civil Wars blew my mind today! check em out! Here is a link to John’s page..

Tron soundtrack is amazing.. Between this and The Social Network, I don’t know why there aren’t more digital hybrids going on in film! Check it out!

amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing.. go buy it.

First full length feature film? Could it be? We will see.. Excited to talk details.. mmmmm here it comes! (insert evil laugh here) 😉 Will keep you posted.

Love this flick, and love this score. Brian Tyler is fantastic… and this is probably “Johnny Utah”s best work. 😉

Absolutely LOVE this film! Please check it out.. Its on Netflix, but it’s one you will want to own. Amazing Sam Rockwell..

PianoEx - Greg Downs
Clay Barnum on Drums.