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Eddie has set the date for the much anticipated Re-Mix album. Oct 11th! So pumped for you guys to hear what we did. Dan Silver killed it! You can check out his track here!
Pick up your copy soon!

Remix of Eddie Cohn’s “Secrets” turned out amazing! Eddie picked me up to do a second remix. “Stay With Me – Remix” Coming soon. 😉 Maybe out in late July?

Very excited to be working on a REMIX for a VERY talented guy from Los Angeles. Eddie Cohn. Please check out his stuff, you will not be let down! Working with stems right now, can’t wait to share with all of you!

Show some love!

The Hooah Score is really coming together! Loving my 1994 computer monitor for video playback 😉 hahaha
Keep your eyes and ears peeled… Samples coming soon.

Onto the next!

Here is a sneak peak of two cues from the “Dead People Don’t Talk” score. This was an extremely humbling experience and a little left field for me. But grateful for the opportunity 😉 Thanks Randin, and Thanks to Steven Streeter the director. Fun Flick!

call me brother

deceit_end credits

Busy Busy Busy

Cracked the case of my computer and looked inside. This is what I saw! Crazy right? Your the man Bear!

Very excited to say things are super busy at the moment. Got a few fun projects I am working on and tying up some loose ends to make room for some new ventures this summer! All good things! Working on two websites, and scoring a feature called “Dead People Don’t Talk”. Also coming up with some theme ideas for a western while I wait for picture lock. Yeeeeehaaaa! Having a blast with a little help from Native Instruments and picked up my very first nylon string acoustic. Very stoked and working hard. Hope you like how these turn out. Keep your eyes peeled and I will keep you up to date!

Took best picture and best director! Nice work James! Check it out.

Music By: Randin Graves, and Greg Downs

I need your help! Winner of this contest gets a one song deal with RipTide/Pacifica. Please take 3 seconds of your time and go here to vote for my composition Solitude.