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Serum X!

Here she is folks! Courtesy of James Cawley. ENJOY! 😉

WLSS Festival tonight! 2 flicks premiering. Very excited.. If your in the area come on out!

Salt Lake City Utah | November 19th, 2011 | 7pm
The Post Theater | 294 Fort Douglas Blvd. | Salt Lake City, UT 84104

New Videos!

LIBERATION is out today!! Also releases for Hooah OST, Dead People Don’t Talk OST, and Serum X OST! Check out the new Fan-Trailers on the video page!!

Serum Sneak

New Releases

New releases coming soon! Stoked but can’t say too much just yet 😉 But will be releasing some soundtracks to some of these films and also working on a new record. New songs for Eddie Cohn as well.. Busy busy!

Just wanted to update you guys quick on some goings on. 😉 Looks like I will be scoring the new short from James Cawley “Serum X”. Should be a fun one. I had the chance to do audio for the whole shoot and it was amazing! Can’t wait for you all to see. Update on Eddie Cohn‘s Remix album. Should be out first part of october so keep your eyes peeled! Two tracks on it, and I am working on some new material with Eddie as well. Should be a blast. He is always amazing!