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Here we are at last.. Simple but to the point 😉 MMMMM snacks!

Here’s the latest!


Finally got my first reel done! Going to be adding soon but here is what I have so far;)

Here is a little sneak peek of things to come with the Serum X Video Game! Tonz of new tracks for this game and I am super pleased with how its going. Thinking about a soundtrack release. Cool to have this bundled with the Serum X OST and the Movie? Having a blast playing Call Of Duty Zombies with Sid set to this soundtrack;) hahahah


Been working on some new stuff like crazy! A couple games with soundtracks by yours truly coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

Here are a few tests from upcoming projects.. Shhhhh it’s a secret 😉

Starting some drafts for this new western video game/app. Going to be amazing!! So excited to be a part of such a fun process! Not to mention my first venture into gaming 😉


Recently finished up the score for “Rapacious”. A wonderful story about to friends surviving the end of the world together.. And having some fun in the process. Can’t wait to see the finished product.. It’s in post now! Really wen’t very minimal on this one. Details soon!

Check out these two new spots for Sports-Vue.. I want one bad!! Put it on the old MTN Bike 😉 Also notice Clay Barnum laying down some blazing drums!