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Quick update: Working on the last track for Naarah Black’s new record. Very close to completion. Just need to tie up some loose ends and mix!

Have some ground work laid for a new re-mix for Eddie Cohn that I am very excited about;) Check out the last collaboration here:

Knocking out some early PrePro on a freshman solo record for Josh Johnson. He is amazing and I have wanted to make this record for YEARS.

Anxiously awaiting an edit of Wendingo Carnage. A full length motion picture I hope ya’ll can catch on netflixor the like sooner than later. Horror Epicness coming your way;)

Headed to a songwriting event next weekend to debut JensEx. I new writing project with Mr. Joel Pack;)

Anywho hoping to post more but as you can see super busy and been sick as a dog with this cold! Boooooooooooooooo

Working up some ideas for the new movie soundtrack. Here is some variations on a theme.