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The Lost Record

Finally brought this baby back to life. New material in the works but this one has a special place in my heart;)


Delusions of Grandeur

Tonight is my first show in years. Very excited but very rusty! Hoping for a good turn out and some support as I dive back into the new music;) Fat’s Grill, 8pm woot woot!

Simple Things

The new Naarah Black record is out that I produced! Very proud to have this on the market. Been a long time coming;) Check out my favorite track here and go pick up the record! It’s beautiful!!


Very pleased that I have been able to pick up a few fun additions to the studio! Can’t wait to have the space finished and get some muzak going on in here!





Had a blast this weekend and met lots of new friends and got to catch up with old ones. Amazing time. JensEx got some great feedback and we are ready to rock some more tunes. Good things coming.

Quick update: Working on the last track for Naarah Black’s new record. Very close to completion. Just need to tie up some loose ends and mix!

Have some ground work laid for a new re-mix for Eddie Cohn that I am very excited about;) Check out the last collaboration here:

Knocking out some early PrePro on a freshman solo record for Josh Johnson. He is amazing and I have wanted to make this record for YEARS.

Anxiously awaiting an edit of Wendingo Carnage. A full length motion picture I hope ya’ll can catch on netflixor the like sooner than later. Horror Epicness coming your way;)

Headed to a songwriting event next weekend to debut JensEx. I new writing project with Mr. Joel Pack;)

Anywho hoping to post more but as you can see super busy and been sick as a dog with this cold! Boooooooooooooooo

Working up some ideas for the new movie soundtrack. Here is some variations on a theme.


Coming Soon..



Scorched Hero

Scorched Hero is now on youtube!